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"Anonymity, creates ‘freedom of speech’."
- Stijn de Jong,
Managing partner ByCrowds
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Screenshot 1: ByCrowds' Web Application

Co-creation from A to Z

From valuable insights to profitable action.
ByCrowds supports you to:

- Set up the platform (company details, users, etc.)
- Selection and activation of users
- Launch, and monitor your challenge/survey
- Collect, analyze, and report results
- Recommend next steps

On average, a challenge/survey takes 3 weeks. (excl. activation)

Screenshot 2: ByCrowds' Web Application

Win-win situations !

Beneficial take-outs for managers and stakeholders
The collective process to challenge the organisation's status quo leads to value creation by means of:

- Insight into relevant subjects
- Sustainable relationships
- Efficiency

- A voice
- Input based recognition
- Personal development opportunities